The Music of Dialogue


To me, the dialogue feels like a score. There’s a musicality to it, a certain beat and timbre where it’s leading the audience through the scene, pulling them into the emotion without even hearing what they’re saying.

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The P, T & CC


It’s performance, timing and camera choices — and when it works, it feels great. I’m always amazed at how changing an edit by a frame or two can make something pop.

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Genre Neutral


If one is a good editor, they should be able to cut all genres of films. In every film, you have a little bit of everything. Like in I, Tonya, you’ve got these action sequences with ice skating and tricks that is very entertaining and engaging in way that the comedic moments and dramatic moments [...]

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The Rhythm Section


I suppose I see the editing role as the rhythm section of a movie; the Charlie Watts of the ensemble. Setting the tempo and carefully placing all the rhythmic elements – be they dialogue or sound effects or the twirl of a hologram in the corner of a shot. The editing that goes into music [...]

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Story is King


“Remember that though your editing can be inventive and exciting and extreme, it must always, always serve the story. Story is always king”.

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