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The Interrogation

Editor’s Cut output from Avid

Ace Sheriff

Low rez Editor’s Cut output from Avid

Felix & the Japanese Girls

Editor’s Cut output from Avid

Choosing Your Battles

Final Aired Version

The Map

Final Aired Version


The editor must evaluate

The Editor must evaluate all the individual strengths that others have brought to a scene: in the writing, the performances, the direction of camera and actors. The editor uses their skills to synthesize the best story from the sum of those parts.


recognition one

Film and television is a vast world of insane riches. Comedy, tragedy, action and romance: all have their appeal. I'm looking forward to continuing work in all genres, with talented cast, crews and directors.

robichaud two

What I bring to the table is, first of all, a strong work ethic. Nothing can be accomplished without a commitment to seeing the work done, and done properly.


ravings one

Do I have a motto that I live by? Well, reflecting on my professional life, it would have to be, 'Excellence through Collaboration'. If I were to describe my home life, maybe the motto goes, 'Will you please pick that up?!' If we're talking about my gravestone, I'm going with, 'No offence, but you're standing in my light...'

robichaud one

The Editor doesn't create a rhythm or pace in the edit in a mechanical way, like a metronome. The edit is created in an organic way beginning with how the director has staged a scene: the dynamic of the camera in space, and the energies of performers. It proceeds with how the actor has interpreted the script and the direction. If the editor is attentive to this, the scene will flow.


scary one

An editor takes the musicality of human speech,
and along with the rhythms of action in the shot
& the rhythm of the moving camera and the screen edge,
transposes all of them to a rhythm across edits,
creating the right dynamic for a scene.


funny one

A good editor ideally has a strong sense of musicality - 
some call it rhythm. And consciously listening to how people speak in real, unrehearsed conversation 
tunes the ear 
to the rhythms of human dialogue.


romance one

It is important that the Editor
be a good listener
because in listening we absorb and reflect.
That's communication.
Someone who is always talking
isn't collaborating;
they're literally not receptive.


highstakes one

I'm very attentive
to the work of the actors,
seeking the best
or most "true" performance
of a given beat or line.
I took acting studies
for many years
to become a better Editor.
Understanding performance
from the other side of the screen
has been a great benefit.